Thursday, July 3, 2014

Evento Natacion

Dear Blog:

Facebook has wreaked havock on my blogging.  I have just about stopped writing as a result of endless hours reading meaningless messages yada-yada postings and nimcompoopish (yes i think I just invented that word) repetivie ads for other´s biz agendas or whatever ideas, dont get me wrong I´m not giving up FBK because it has served me well, see what we did in order to stop the High Tension Wires & Towers from going over the Rio Dulce National Park...  As an envronmental activist discovering "the social networks" was a plus for me.  Now that it is almost over I would like to go back to writing mores sensible stuff and have better graphics and pics like John Heaton has..  Truly some of the best of Guatemala I have seen so far and he also has great pics of Mexico, France USA.  It is his eye that counts, he will get good pics no matter where he goes. 

For me that is different, I thought I had a good eye and I have taken some good pics but not going anywhere geographically speaking makes it just one notch harder as I tend to be repetitive; same surroundings same trees, same flowers, frogs, interesting insects, dogs playing.  Oh well but that is my life now.  at any rate this Blog today is to resume our Activities endeavour around the Rio..

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