Monday, February 6, 2012

Flooding in the Barrio El Bosque

Flooding caused by rains of last week but mostly due to a faulty and badly designed bridge downstream from this photo at Hotel Costa Grande.  Have requested the authorities in this case AMASURLI and CONAP to intervene are have the owners repair or replace said bridge. 

The Gentleman apparently walking on water is in fact having to cross a bridge to get back to his home!

Most homes near the creek were affected as well as large areas on the other side of the road.
 This is the bridge at the entrance to the Hacienda Tijax Farm.  The water had already gone down some 25 cm. as we could get through with the car.

These are the pastures which fill with water and unfortunately garbage and sewage from the town.  Again the "authorities" have turned a blind eye to this scenario which repeats itself year after year with increasing violence due to "climate change" flooding has been more frequent and more severe.

The boys of the "hood" without a care were having fun and ready to pose for the pics.

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