Monday, March 1, 2010

Planting Trees

This and the next few blog entries are in retrospect as there was so much stuff happening towards the end of the year that I had no time to sit here and share these events with you.  So here we go.  First I had presented a proposal to the National Reforestation Institute (INAB) to reforest with Rubber some 100 acres, now the way this works is that you present the project and then start planting and it's kind of a lottery, you may or may not get the subsidy, which is no big deal but sure helps: around Q. 5,000.00 per hectare, usually this money goes to buying a better variety of rubber.  This year I decided to make my own nurseries using clones from my clonal garden:

The these little stumps which are trees with "little green patches" that are now fashionable in Facebook but in fact they are "grafts" from a tree that is a certified source of good vegetative material so that we repreduce "fenotype" (hybrid) clones rather than let mother nature take it's course and produce it's own variety of baby trees. The we stick these stumps with grafts into bags and pray it rains a lot so that they take root.  The plan which has changed due to the several "Climate Change" Changes we've had here was orginally to stick these trees in the ground which is being prepped as we speak but with no Rain we had to search altenatives, let's hope for the best...Eu

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