Monday, March 1, 2010

Ceremonia Maya and Omens

As Advertised we did have Mayan Ceremony and a workshop on the Mayan Calendar here at hacienda Tijax on the weekend of Dec. 16, 17 and 18th.  I had rushed to the city to pick up my beloved estranged daughter Adriana who had spend the last eight years in Spain, mostly Barcelona and she flew back and landed right int the midst of this rather emotional and mystical event.  There were premonitions such as this beatiful Great Hawk Eagle which came to visit us just a few days before the ceremony.

It turned out to be a Tzikin Day so the Great Hawk Eagle was perfect, the Ceremony was educational but mostly emotional for me and Adriana and Calixta to be toghether again after so many years and so much water under the bridge..
Calixta and her friends did more than just explain to us what the Ceremony is about as well as the Calendar and how it works, for me it was rediscovering a way of life than includes taking to the Gods and Spirits of the earth, heaven, our ancestors, the water, the fire the heart in the sky and all the manifest dualities without a middle man or woman.  Having been raised a Catholic some onelse was always doing the praying for me or telling me what to say and do, how to behave and dress, and so on..  Here it is simple under the stars as a roof and with the sun just peeking over the trees and in front of the inmensity of the Izabal valley we greeted and spoke to the Nahuales and thanked for the blessings and asked for our needs; rain, health, the guidance from our ancestors, etc.

We basically inaugurated the fire at the Tijax Tower of the Shaman and was told in no uncertain terms by Nicolas and Calixta that now it was my job to keep the altar fed, hmmm.  At any rate as we are a Democracy now with freedom of religion I have decided to come out of the closet as a Mayan whatever, believer, shaman, aj kiij, after all I am Belejeb Tijax.  I have spent the last fifteen years of my life conversing with a God of my understanding but the offerings and the ceremony was more respectful of a Higher Being than what I usually do which is just chat.  I will chat some more but now I do go and light candle, burn incense and be one with the elements...

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Unknown said...

Que genial papa, gracias por hacerlo nuevamente una posibilidad este año. Ciertamente "Visions and dreams are to reality what clouds and moisture are to rain." y como dijo Calixta, dar gracias y pedir es la misma cosa, o pues, como me explico Adri, la puede ser, y asi tenemos lo que queremos. O, jaja, como dijo Nonna hoy, queremos lo que tenemos.