Sunday, February 15, 2009

Releasing Boa Boa

Hopefully I can load this clip. It is self explanatory we releasead a Boa Constrictor which was found in the middle of the road to San Felipe by Don Emilio Mendizabal our Eco-Warrior from Fronteras, Rio Dulce. The tape measure was not long enough so we can safely assume she was over 2 meters in length (6 feet).

The release was at the Hacienda Tijax Jungle reserve a few minutes after the clip was filmed, the pictures of the Boa going back into the jungle are hard to "see"as she blended into the background impeccably thanks to her "camouflage".

A big Thanks to Don Emilio for bringing her here, and to our assistants, Dennis Martin, Ursula, and Marvin. Tijax September 2009

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