Sunday, March 2, 2008

Releasing Mr. Croc

Another favored activity at Tijax is releasing animals back into the wild which basically is our backyard. In this case a Crocodile (Crodylus Acutus) raised and cared for by my friend Steven and his kids in Panajachel, Atitlan was released here in our creeke.
In the next picture we can see Hanna our Volunteer guide and activities director getting her "hands on experience" by handling Mr. Croc and eventually releasing him. The last picture is of Mr. Croc with what I though was a happy look on his face just before submerging in our creeke. This is the fourth release of a a Croc on our premises. I mention and publish this little item as visitors are often in disbelief when we warn them against swimming in the creek or the vicinity of it as the first croc we released was nearly ten years ago and he was four feet long then. We have seen a large croc at the mouth of the creek, I estimate him to be some 8 yo 1o feet in overall length so you can imagine the size of his jaws...

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